The Concluding Sentence

We choose a concluding word look at our first sentence and choose some words from it we don’t want to use the number again that would be too repetitive but we would need to remind our readers that we’re talking about dogs being the animals that make the best pets so now we can write our concluding sentence and say clearly dogs make superior pets notice that we did not repeat the word best we used a synonym to say that they are superior this gave our paragraph a little variety and now when we go back and read over our paragraph we can see that we have followed the paragraph formula to create an organized clear paragraph.

Let’s look at two different paragraphs to see why that using the number three works in a topic sentence to create an organized paragraph the first paragraph has several problems first the writer used quotation marks around his own title that’s an error remember we said to write a title we just capitalized you use quotation marks to show that someone else is speaking or someone else that you’re talking about someone else’s title not your own then the next thing that we need to look for is the indentation and that’s there and that’s correct but then we look for the number.

Let’s look at the topic sentence I think a dog is the animal that makes the best pet well that seems to be alright doesn’t it but there’s a problem the topic sentence I think a dog is the animal that makes the best pet does say what the writer is talking about but it doesn’t create a plan for developing the rest of the paragraph so then the writer starts thinking it says well you know he thinks that the dog is a good pet so then he thinks about what’s not a good pet and starts talking about my sister likes cats better but all they do is make stinky litter boxes and nasty fur balls well that then takes the paragraph off target because now the writers writing more about cats and dogs then the writer gets back to dogs and says dogs are great to pet play fetch and take out for walks well that’s a pretty good sentence and that would work but then the writer goes instead of saying about how they are great to pet how they play fetch or giving more explanations then the just thinks of something else that’s good about dogs plus they go to the bathroom outside well.

Now the writer doesn’t really have anywhere to go left out there’s no concluding sentence and there isn’t a lot of development of the paragraph and the writers just kind of ends the paragraph so without the plan that’s created by the number three the writer has some good ideas but some I some things just don’t work because the paragraph isn’t controlled by the number three the paragraph that is controlled by the number three where we say three reasons sets us up by making us discuss three reasons.